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My side projects

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Working on side-projects in my free time is like my way of learning and staying up-to-date. In the fast-paced world of tech, things can change in a blink. So, having a hobby that doubles up as a learning platform is a real game-changer. These small projects give me a chance to roll up my sleeves and dive right into new programming languages and frameworks. I see them as puzzles, ready for me to piece together with the knowledge I’ve picked up.

1. - a 3D dice rolling simulator

I had the idea of developing this little web app while listening to the Critical Role podcast (a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons). Every time one of the players rolled their dice I wanted to try to do the same quickly, in my browser. Most of the tools I found online where very basic and did not provide an actual simulation of the dice being thrown, so I decided I was going to build my own. This project helped me learn lot of new things about JavaScript, Three.js, React and using F# to build client-side apps.

2. Bag of Tools - a collection of converters, calculators and tools

I wanted to build a platform where people can find a variety of small tools for everyday problems. Some of these tools are implemented in F# and others use TypeScript and I had a lot of fun implementing all of them. This little project is where I learned Svelte and Astro.